Ode to Oya

 “Ode To Oya” is a series surrounding African traditions and spirituality. In the Yoruba mythology, Oya is known as the goddess of winds and tempests. This photo series is meant to highlight and celebrate this traditionally African deity in a culture that seems to now have forgotten about them, but their power transcends time and space. Because most African countries have now adopted monotheistic religions, the traditional deities that were worshipped long before colonialism ended up being cast away and disappearing from mainstream culture. “Ode to Oya” is a series emulating the essence of the deity in order to pay homage as well as celebrate her and her legacy. In a lot of ways, this photo series is supposed to be a reminder to remember our history, just as much as it is to celebrate a vibrant culture that many people in the diaspora has forgotten.

Photography / Yannis Davy
Make up / Sijia Cheng
Styling / Christine McGregor
Model / Abigail Whitney

009 copy.jpg