Things I Won't Forget

Along with the organized appropriation of the natural and economic resources of the continent, the extension of Europe’s cultural imperialism to the Africa also constituted a primordial part of the colonial agenda. “Things We Won’t To Forget” is a visual commentary on the importance of cultural preservation in increasingly westernized African communities. Colonization has affected the cultural norms in many countries in Africa, from language to religion. Still, Africans have maintained ties to their history and cultural heritage.

The new generation of Africans especially, with strong urge of finding themselves in a world that is now easily accessible with a phone, are increasingly starting to embrace their cultural heritage both physically but also through a desire of actively wanting to improve the situation of the continent. This desire to preserve the cultures and history of the continent is visually translated in the series by the subject being wrapped and surrounded by what abstractly represents her culture, heritage and history.

Subject: Tania Fines 

Photography: Yannis Davy Guibinga

Yannis Guibinga